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Application/Important OOC Information

History, Personality, Etc.Collapse )

Class Title: Recovery One

PossessionsCollapse )

Rooming Assignment: Outside the castle in a super-sized dollhouse in a tree. He's... not happy.

Job: Bank Guard. Salary: 20000HL/day

6th Recovery

Oh, no, this isn't happening. Not again. I've heard this shit before, and I'm not falling for it! I've already had enough of this, I'm not going through it again! Stay away from me!

((Wash has set the tree his giant dollhouse is in on fire and is currently shooting like a madman at various feral demons in the area.))

5th Recovery

[A few weeks ago, Wash stocked up on supplies from the Rosen Queen and wandered off into the general Netherworld. Were he from an RPG, it would've been a normal bout of level grinding. But Wash is not and has never been an RPG character, being from a universe based on an FPS. And so his act of wandering out into the wilderness for a few weeks and killing (or at least trying to kill) everything he meets is less of a training exercise and more just plain anger management.

Its effectiveness is debatable at best, as Wash finally returns to the castle, looking more than a little worse for wear. His armor is gone, replaced by the standard noir trenchcoat and fedora. Attached to his back is a Kick Me Sign. He is clearly irate, and whatever small benefit his mood may have gotten from his "level-grinding" has apparently been canceled out.

What the hell is going on here?

3rd Recovery

Well, that was a wholly bizarre and unnerving experience and I hope I never have to repeat it again. At least it passed. Now it's just a matter of finding the new assignment and--


((Referring to this Dark Assembly decision.))

2nd Recovery

Who booby-trapped the castle? And more importantly, why? If this is someone's idea of a joke, then I'm not laughing.

I'd advise everyone to watch their steps very carefully and don't touch anything that looks suspicious. Or, at least, more suspicious than usual.

1st Recovery

-idding me.

...I take that back. Now you've got to be fucking kidding me. What is this place? I've never seen anything li--




Hhhhgh, never mind. It's not important. I need information about this place.

...Ngh. Preferably before I pass out from blood loss.